Apache beam is an open-source data processing tool which provides unifying model for both batch and streaming data-pipelines.

Beam is useful for parallel data processing tasks, in which the problem can be decomposed into many smaller bundles of data that can be processed independently and in parallel. It can also be used in ETL tasks.

Apache beam is built on Scala but it supports Java, Python and GO SDKs. The beam SDKs provide unified programming model which can be used for both bounded(batch) or unbounded(streaming) data set.

Using one of the open source Beam SDKs, we can build a program…

In an application, we store the state of the application in the database. When the state changes, we update the state. By doing this, we lost the previous state. We don’t know what lead to the current state.

Let us consider an example. Imagine we have a bank with customers having accounts. When a transaction happens we either increment or decrement the balance in the account. In this scenario, we know the latest updated balance but we do not know which transaction leads to that balance.

To solve these kinds of problems, the event sourcing comes in handy.

When using…

In this article, we are going to learn how to deploy Node.js application to AWS lambda. AWS lambda is a function-as-a-service(FAAS) environment which provides pay only for the resources used based on the particular request measured in seconds or milliseconds.

To deploy Node.js application in AWS lambda, let’s create a simple node application. In this application, we are gonna view the list of posts created by the users and users can add the new post.

To accomplish this task we need:

  • An AWS account
  • Node.js and npm installed

Let’s create a simple node application and initialize an npm project and…

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework. It is intended for the development of web application using MVC architectural pattern and based on Symfony.

Whenever I code application in Laravel, one question would pop-up to my mind was how it works?. Today, through this article we are gonna explore that.

If you have Laravel application then go to index.php file in public folder. This is where all the magic happens.


* Laravel - A PHP Framework For Web Artisans
@package Laravel
@author Taylor Otwell <taylorotwell@gmail.com>

| Register The Auto Loader
| Composer provides a…

In this article, I am gonna discuss some of the security vulnerabilities and how we can avoid those in Laravel application.

Following are some of the security vulnerabilities we encounter in web application and how we can mitigate those in Laravel application:

#1 Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF)

Here, third-party application forges the form request and try to submit the malicious request to your web application. This can be avoided by using Laravel CSRF token.

When the request is invoked, Laravel compares the request token with the one saved in the user’s session. …

In this article, I am gonna write about some of the Laravel packages we use in our projects. These packages have saved a lot of our project development efforts. From my development experience, if you ever want a particular functionality instead of writing those functionalities from scratch, find the package which does the same for you.

The packages save a lot of development efforts and also they can be used in multiple projects.

So, here are a few important Laravel packages we use in our projects:

#1 Laratrust

The Laratrust package provides an easy and flexible way to add roles, permissions and…

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that you’ve defined. This virtual network closely resembles a traditional network that you’d operate in your own data center, with the benefits of using the scalable infrastructure of AWS.

In this article, I am gonna provide different scenarios for creating and configuring VPC. I am gonna cover four scenarios:

  • VPC with single public subnet
  • VPC with a public and private subnet
  • VPC with private and public subnet and AWS site-to-site VPN Access.
  • VPC with private subnet only and AWS site-to-site VPN Access.

#1 VPC with single public subnet

This configuration…

Today, microservices are the biggest hype in application architecture. Due to the flaws of a traditional monolithic application, microservice has taken very huge importance.

With microservice architecture, an application is developed or refactored, into separate services that communicate to one another in a well-defined way via APIs, or instance. Each microservice is self-contained, each maintains its own data store, and each can be updated independently of others.

When I came across microservice architecture, I was not able to comprehend the concept easily. I read articles, saw some code bases but was not able to picture the whole architecture properly. …

I recently read Goals! book by Brian Tracy. It is one of the best books I have read on goal settings. I was just super-impressed by the concepts and ideas presented in the book.

After reading the book, I bought a journal and wrote down all my goals for this year and made some action plans on achieving them.

To all the people who are having trouble setting the goals, here is the list of 12 steps mentioned by the author to achieve any goal:

#1 Have Desire

What do you really want?. Take your time. Sit in a quiet place and think…

We are going to create GraphQL project in Laravel to understand how GraphQL works. You can refer to my previous article on GraphQL to understand the features and advantages of it.

Let’s create a Laravel project.

composer create-project laravel/laravel graphql-project

For this project, we are going to make use of JWT tokens. So, let’s install the JWT and GraphQL packages in our project.

composer require tymon/jwt-auth
composer require folklore/graphql

Add the service providers to the providers array in the config/app.php config file as follows:

'providers' => [   ...Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\LaravelServiceProvider::class,

Publish the configuration files:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\LaravelServiceProvider"

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